Michelle Meyer of The NIL Network Joins The Athlete’s Obseshion

Obsesh News On this episode, meyer talks about her experience as a student athlete and coach helped ignite a passion to turn collegiate sports into a career Michelle Meyer has always had the ability to create solutions. As a college student, she founded her club volleyball team after realizing that the Division 1 level wasn’t […]

Learn what it takes to host a podcast with Alex Chisnall

Obsesh for athletes Alex Chisnall delivers his story, as well as tips and tricks to launching your own podcast on the latest episode of The athlete’s obseshion A cell phone and headphones. In 2022, those are two items that most people possess. Those also just happen to be the only two things, along with a […]

Learn what It Takes To Play Internationally With Jess Johnson

Obsesh For Athletes Jess Johnson brought her elite defensive skills from the Division One level to playing professionally in the Champions’s League, and she learned a lot about challenging yourself and new cultures during the process. Jess Johnson is a professional soccer player based in New Jersey. That’s where she’s spent most of her playing […]

Learn to Carve Your Unique Athletic Path with Maya Ladhani

Obsesh For Athletes Maya Ladhani knew she always wanted to play professional soccer. She also knew that she wanted to stay true to her individual path, which is an important part of her journey to becoming a professional athlete. Long drives, international flights, and dedication to the sport that she loves is just part of […]

Learn How To Prepare For a Match With Orlando Pride Midfielder Parker Roberts

Obsesh for Athletes On the latest edition of the athlete’s obseshion, parker roberts dips into her roots and how she approaches pregame meals Parker Roberts has earned many accolades during her soccer career. From earning All-SEC accolades at the University of Florida to a spot on the US National Team at the U20 World Cup, […]

Building basic rugby skills with pro rugby star christian dyer

obsesh for athletes it’s been a busy 2021 for christian dyer, and he stops by the athlete’s obseshion to talk about it Growing up in Sacramento, California, rugby was a sport that became ingrained into Christian Dyer’s life. Years late, the sport is still the biggest part of Christian’s life. After playing for the storied […]

Recover from Your Injury and Learn Skills with Christian Dearman

Obsesh For Athletes Christian Dearman has seen it all during his playing days, and he uses that experience to deliver advice to anyone who needs it. All his life, Christian Dearman has heard from others that he was not capable of going to the next level. All that those naysayers have done is propel Christian […]

Wes preston tricks out the athletes obseshion

obsesh for athletes Wes Preston’s hard work in the field of parkour has taken him to a career in coaching and world chase tag, so are the movies next? Wes Preston discovered parkour with his dad while on Youtube one day. Since then, he has turned his love of movement into a career that keeps […]

Emily Rosario tells her story on the athlete’s obseshion

Obsesh for athletes The actress, runner, television professional, and artist stopped by The Athlete’s Obseshion to talk about how she stays focused Many people are busy with their 9-5 jobs, but Emily Rosario takes it to another level. On top of being a mom, Emily has found success as a television professional, actress, artist, and […]

D.Rey Dribbles his experience on the Athlete’s Obseshion

Obsesh for athletes Darryl Reynolds has seen success in multiple levels of basketball, but his success off of the court is just getting started Darryl Reynolds has won 5 Big East Regular Season Championships, 3 Big East Tournament Championships, and one coveted NCAA Tournament Championship. After an injury forced Darryl off of the court following […]

Tumbler Athlete Dom Lewis Tricks Out The Athlete’s Obseshion

Obsesh for Athletes 2pm PT / 5pm ET dom lewis Goes Live on IG @obseshmedia to talk about his journey to becoming a pro tumbler and tricker Most tumblers and trickers start their career on gym mats. Dom Lewis started his on the concrete. Lewis, who has tricked and tumbled his way into a fulfilling […]

The Athlete’s Obsesh’ion Podcast feat. Kotaro Umeda, Pro Soccer Player

PODCAST   Just dropped. all-new podcast series Ep. 2, The Athlete’s Obsesh’ion Every athlete has a passion, but what’s their real obsession? Host Dalton Allison takes a deep dive with Obsesh athletes to learn more about them and what makes them tick. This week’s feature is asian pro soccer player Kotaro Umeda. Join in and […]

The Athlete’s Obseshion Podcast feat. Olympian Pauls Pujats

PODCAST   It’s officially now dropped, all-new podcast series The Athlete’s Obsesh’ion Every athlete has a passion, but what’s their Obsesh’ion? Host Dalton Allison takes a deep dive with Obsesh athletes to learn more about them and what makes them tick. Download it on Spotify and be among our first listeners!