Our mission is bringing equitable access and opportunities to all amateur and niche professional athletes

Meet the Team

Tracy Benson

CEO & Cofounder

Jonalyn Morris

Cofounder & Head of Athlete Development

Rob Baker

Chief Financial Officer

Clark Landry

Corporate Development & IR

Dalton Allison

Athlete Success Coach

Charlie Halsey

Director of Growth Marketing

Pauls Pujats

Athlete Success Coach

Gabe Ravetz

NCAA Growth Lead

Shaq DeZonie

NCAA Scout

Simon Johnson

Lead Engineer

Michael Cronin

Experience Designer

Joe Tolley

Creative Director

Our Success Was Built On People At The Intersection Of Commerce, Content, Tech, And Consumer-First Platforms

Tracy Benson, CEO & Cofounder

“Technology Isn’t About The Latest Features Or Products. It’s About What These Things Do For Athletes. It’s About Bringing People Together And Making Lives Better Through The Power Of Sports.”

Backed By A Championship Investor Roster And Stadia Ventures Sports Accelerator

We make access to a giant network of Athletes, Fans, and Sponsors easy

Athlete Advisors

Jesse La Flair

Pro Parkour

Reese Forbes

Pro Skate & Action Sports

Monique Billings

Pro Hoops, WNBA

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