What is Obsesh and how do we power NIL?

Obsesh is the ‘Fanatics for the amateur market’. As the trusted athlete engagement platform, Obsesh provides the technology to power NIL digital marketplaces giving every NIL participant an immediately scalable digital business solution. Obsesh provides NIL participants an all-inclusive custom online marketplace, athlete development resources, training services, and staff support to power a true 360-NIL platform experience.

Each NIL club, participant, or institution gets their own custom-branded online marketplace a holistic NIL experience and each they can actively roster as many athletes, athlete alumni, exclusive products, membership models, donor services, custom services, and experiential events as desired. One destination, mega marketplace for your NIL engagement platform.

What does Obsesh provide?

An all-inclusive digital sports marketplace platform solution.

Obsesh is the full solution. We are a digital sports technology platform that is born for a digital NIL era of athletes, contributors, fans, alumni, and businesses. Obsesh’ smart platform simplifies the process of launching, growing, and maintaining an online marketplace with smart contracts, relationship marketing, turn-key products, and tools required to harness the power of digital communities local, national, and global. Obsesh simplifies search and discovery, subscription plans, payment and contract processing, and retains IP management into a single digital solution.

Can any team, NIL club, coach or athlete leverage the all-inclusive Obsesh platform?

Yes. Obsesh is on a mission to empower athletes to be owners. We built Obsesh to create the ease of access and opportunity for all athletes. We are a California, female-founded sports technology platform backed and accelerated by Stadia and other notable investors like Char Hurley, founder of Youtube, and have built our platform to simplify and streamline the future of NIL. Our technology humanizes sports for a digital generation of athletes and their communities.

How does Obsesh work with student-athletes in an NIL club?

We are built and born for athletes first.

Student-athletes can set up their personal NIL shop and operate on Obsesh to actively build their own personal experience to start monetizing and maximizing their name, image and likeness. They can have their custom athlete NIL shop within an NIL club – or be independent. Student-athletes are the owners and creators of their community, shop, and intellectual property – and are responsible for bringing it to life through content, social, events, and everyday promotion. NIL clubs often help activate the market, but it always requires a student-athlete to make the market. Obsesh develops technology, NIL work/shops, literacy content, marketing campaigns, and training programs to empower the student-athlete’s skill development in key areas including personal branding, contracts, finance, social media, and compliance. We offer other digital media, promotion, publicity, marketing services and support.

Student-athletes can set up their own customized athlete NIL shop and actively offer any combination of:

  • Personal community club memberships, donor memberships, and subscription payments.
  • Team products, projects, and collaborations.
  • Fan products such as personal video messages, limited edition NFTs, events, appearances, merchandise, charity projects, training, film analysis, and mentoring.
  • Business marketing services such as influencer marketing, social posting, modeling, content creation, podcast appearances, speaking engagements, and more.
  • Athletes can also directly sell and receive licensing deals, endorsements, NFTs, sponsorships, and other product collaborations.

What does Obsesh cost?

For student-athletes, our primary user, its free. All inclusive, turn-key, authentic, and personalized to their goals and objectives. Athletes set their own face price, keep 100%, and Obsesh adds a platform fee to the buyer’s cart price. We handle payment processing, sales tax, and tax reporting plus secure payments to the student-athlete seller.

For progressive NCAA institutions and athletic departments, we also make our technology platform and training services completely free as a service to their student-athletes and NIL participants.

For digital-forward NIL clubs, Obsesh has a one-time set up fee and two business models 1. tiered revenue-share based on total volume as a platform fee or 2. a percentage of funds raised as a software service fee. Our goal is to ensure our model fits your needs and preferences. Creative, media, and event services are additional.

For technology or portal partners, Obsesh facilitates and handles deals with smart technology, smart contracts, and provides NIL platform technology. We charge a one-time annual set up fee plus tiered revenue-share based on total volume as a platform fee.

Any licensing deals that include managed licensing partners or agents will have additional fees as dictated by those programs.

Why do athletes like Obsesh?

We make their NIL experience holistically fun, authentic, and built to help them grow. When they grow, NIL clubs grow. And communities of fans, businesses, and donors. It’s a win-win for everybody.

Will you work with our NIL club consultants who help with administrative club management and activate fundraising locally in our market?

Yes, of course. We provide a scalable solution to facilitate and expose your NIL club presence to more participants that any consultant can possibly manage. Together, we can make your speed to solution stronger and customized to your objectives.

Competing on fundraising alone is a long, difficult race with no finish line.
Competing with an end-to-end NIL experience is where we see the game changers rise and athletes smile.

What’s different between Obsesh and other NIL websites or consulting services?

Obsesh is a sports technology company that enables athlete NIL engagement for digital-savvy student-athletes and their communities.

We are built for digital NIL and the platform era to connect and streamline the online market.
We are not for the analog or traditional clubs who don’t serve digital-savvy athletes, alumni, and tech-forward business communities.

How can I get in contact for a demo?

Email us at info@obsesh.com and our team will follow up with you within 2 business days.