Tracy Benson

Fractional NIL Advisor + CMO

Tracy’s extensive experience as a CEO and CMO for iconic consumer brands offers valuable skills that can be leveraged in an advisory capacity for those seeking to navigate the emerging world of NIL.

She offers two decades of sports technology and marketing experience to guide early-stage NIL collectives, high school, and collegiate programs through brand strategy definition, go-to market, revenue development, and athlete brand development with a focus on sustainable recruiting and retention.

Tracy brings 20 years expertise in brand strategy, digital platforms, marketing, sponsorships and sales to help programs navigate a dynamic, competitive environment with success. Former roles include global CMO and Chief Digital for Seek, Monster, Beats, Best Buy, GoPro, and Home Depot.

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With our network of experts leading your NIL platform and brand growth, your team can accelerate your recruiting and retention efficiently end-to-end.

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Brand Growth Platform Strategy

New brand growth strategies are crucial for success in modern college athletics and high school elite programs. Our team of consultants specialize in accelerating your brand platform and NIL growth through customized strategies that benefit recruiting, retention, literacy, and revenue-generation based on your goals and objectives.

NIL Education and Training Resources

Our team will provide your team with the training platform and on-demand services to elevate your program to the next level. Our training programs are built to engage and develop your athletes and teams.

Athlete Personal Brand Development

99% of all athletes want opportunities to develop their personal brand and the flexibility to control their opportunities. We provide the turn-key training, technology, and marketing know-how to boost your NIL platform through workshops, seminars, and 1:1 coaching to level up your entire program.

Growth Marketing Services

Tap into our team of successful full-stack marketers, brand builders, PR and media experts to fill your gaps or provide end-to-end support and fractional services. We accelerate content and athlete development through brand building, storytelling, partnerships, and sponsorship, vendor, or digital media opportunities.

Scalable SportsTech Solutions

Scaling in the digital market is challenging. Obsesh is built for the modern NIL era and athlete flexibility to connect with fans and brands. We can stand alone as your programs’ go-to sports technology platform or work alongside other partners to connect your participants with NIL revenue generating and membership opportunities.

Endorsements, Sponsorships and Partnership Development

Our proven network, expertise, and access can create new opportunities for your team through sponsorship sales development, endorsements, and program partnerships. Let us help take your team to the next level.

How We Can Work Together

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-One-time consultation
-Ideal for addressing specific questions or issues

Ongoing Retainer

-Customized pricing based on goals and needs
-Long-term partnership
-Ideal for Collectives, Institutions, and Departments looking for ongoing support and consulting

Fractional Consultants

-Project-based fee
-Experienced and specific advisors and consultants from our network come in to tackle specific issues
-Ideal for Collectives, Institutions, and Departments looking to tackle specific challenges without committing to a long-term partnership

Meet Our Network Leadership

Jonalyn Morris

Fractional Athlete & Talent Relations Advisor

Former: Disney, Loot Crate, BH, Beats

Greg Nemitz

Media Sales & Growth Advisor

Former: SVP, CBS West, ABC, Entercom, Audacy

Jeff Davidoff

Creative & Storytelling Advisor

Former: CMO Wondros, Donuts, ONE and President Walton Isaacson

Charlie Halsey

Digital Media & Online Marketing Advisor

Current: Obsesh

Albert Hanneman

Experiential Marketing Advisor

Current: Founder Beach Agency Group

Michael Cronin

Fractional UX & Technology Advisor

Current: Obsesh

Kyle Croyle

Partnerships & On-demand Technology Advisor

Joanna Starek

On-demand Board Leadership Advisor

Clark Landry

Fractional Partnership & Business Development Advisor

Rod Grozier

Community Partnership & Development Advisor

Kerry Keating

Athlete Relations & Athletic Department Advisor

Our Track Record Speaks for Itself

More than 140 years of combined expertise across all facets of the market confirm our competence to help you get off the ground and build a sustainable NIL program that captures the hearts and minds of your community participants.

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5% of all consulting fees is given to sports charities that empower and educate athletes