D.Rey Dribbles his experience on the Athlete’s Obseshion

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Darryl Reynolds has seen success in multiple levels of basketball, but his success off of the court is just getting started


Darryl Reynolds has won 5 Big East Regular Season Championships, 3 Big East Tournament Championships, and one coveted NCAA Tournament Championship. After an injury forced Darryl off of the court following a year playing professionally in Poland, he resorted to his first love: media.

Darryl was able to combine his love for basketball with his passion for media and the arts. He pioneered Stay Tuned with D.Rey, a talkshow that invites people from sports and media to tell their story, as a part of his Stay Tuned Network.


In addition to talking about his endeavors with media, Darryl talks about how he got into the game of basketball, his hometown of Philadelphia, and his progression mentality. Click below to listen to Darryl’s episode of The Athlete’s Obseshion.

To book an experience with Darryl, and to receive coaching tips from a proven champion, check his page out on Obsesh.