Learn what it takes to host a podcast with Alex Chisnall

Obsesh for athletes

Alex Chisnall delivers his story, as well as tips and tricks to launching your own podcast on the latest episode of The athlete’s obseshion

A cell phone and headphones. In 2022, those are two items that most people possess. Those also just happen to be the only two things, along with a stable internet connection, that you need to launch your own podcast. When most people think of podcasts, visions of expensive studios and sound equipment that are out of reach for most people. The reality is however, that you only need a cell phone, headphones, and an idea that you’re passionate about.

This is just one of many topics talked about on Alex Chisnall’s episode of The Athlete’s Obseshion. Chisnall, who cut his teeth as a presenter at the BBC, has had a long career in audio. Along with the BBC, Chisnall has taken his expertise to companies like Virgin Atlantic Airlines and Virgin StartUp, where he found his passion for helping entrepreneurs.

Following his time with Virgin, Alex built his own podcast Screwitjustdoit, which is now downloaded in over 140 countries. This led to the creation of his own podcast agency, Podpreneur. Now, in addition to hosting his podcast, Alex helps businesses create podcasts for their customers to become more engaged with their brand, leading to further monetization.

To learn more about how Alex translates these skills from businesses monetizing with podcasts to athletes monetizing with podcasts, listen to his episode of The Athlete’s Obseshion below. Also, be sure to check out Alex’s podcast here.