Learn what it takes to host a podcast with Alex Chisnall

Obsesh for athletes Alex Chisnall delivers his story, as well as tips and tricks to launching your own podcast on the latest episode of The athlete‚Äôs obseshion A cell phone and headphones. In 2022, those are two items that most people possess. Those also just happen to be the only two things, along with a […]

Obsesh CoFounder & CDO Jonalyn Morris appears on The Passion to Poison Podcast

Obsesh Company News Jonalyn Morris brought her story to the Passion to Poison podcast, which includes her Lowell, Massachusetts upbringing, early career experiences, and how she applies those experiences to her current role as CoFounder &Chief Development Officer at Obsesh. For Jonalyn Morris, CoFounder &Chief Development Officer at Obsesh, sports and entertainment were always going […]

Obsesh CEO Tracy Benson Appears on The Purpose-Driven Entrepreneur Podcast

Obsesh Company News Obsesh CoFounder and CEO Tracy Benson breaks down the purpose behind the founding of the Obsesh platform, and talks about some of the struggles of bringing the power back to athletes as a female founder. When someone writes the Wikipedia article about your company, what will they write? This is one of […]