Michelle Meyer of The NIL Network Joins The Athlete’s Obseshion

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On this episode, meyer talks about her experience as a student athlete and coach helped ignite a passion to turn collegiate sports into a career

Michelle Meyer has always had the ability to create solutions. As a college student, she founded her club volleyball team after realizing that the Division 1 level wasn’t a good fit for her. When she wanted to turn pro, she arranged tryouts across several clubs in Europe until she found a team that fit. When beach volleyball was in it’s early stages as a college sport in the US, she became an assistant coach by reaching out to head coaches across the country. When NIL regulations were lifted in 2021, Michelle had a solution for that too.

This time, Michelle turned her solution into a business called The NIL Network. She now works with college athletes, coaches, and businesses and brands to come up with creative ways they can partner together to take advantage of the recent NIL rule changes. In addition to being the founder of The NIL Network, Michelle also serves as the NIL Coordinator for San Diego State University.

To hear Michelle’s story and to hear perspectives on NIL from an industry expert, check out the latest episode of The Athlete’s Obseshion. For more information on The NIL Network, click here.