Recover from Your Injury and Learn Skills with Christian Dearman

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Christian Dearman has seen it all during his playing days, and he uses that experience to deliver advice to anyone who needs it.

All his life, Christian Dearman has heard from others that he was not capable of going to the next level. All that those naysayers have done is propel Christian to be an elite pitcher who thrives on his bright personal outlook. Although Christian switches on a fierce version of himself when he steps in between the lines of a baseball diamond, the positivity that radiates off of him is impossible to miss.

What’s even more impressive about the positivity Christian brings with him everywhere is what he’s had to overcome to get to where he is today. A torn right latissimus dorsi tendon in his back had doctors telling him he would never, and should never try to pitch again. Hours of countless rehab, sleeping in recliners, and sitting on the bleachers for practice eventually led Christian back to the mound.

The remarkable comeback came with a fun twist, as Christian played on the Savannah Bananas, famous for their entertainment-first style of baseball, during the 2021 summer. After winning the Coastal Plain League Championship with the Bananas, Christian will be returning to the team for their Banana Ball World Tour in early 2022. To hear more of Christian’s story, check out his episode of The Athlete’s Obseshion below.

On Obsesh, you can book an experience with Christian to learn pitching techniques and drills, gain inspiration to come back from a tough injury, and gain valuable baseball insight that’s personalized to you.