Learn to Carve Your Unique Athletic Path with Maya Ladhani

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Maya Ladhani knew she always wanted to play professional soccer. She also knew that she wanted to stay true to her individual path, which is an important part of her journey to becoming a professional athlete.

Long drives, international flights, and dedication to the sport that she loves is just part of the formula that makes professional soccer player Maya Ladhani who she is today. A native of Guelph, Ontario, Maya has been dedicated to the game of soccer since her brothers first inspired her to try the sport.

Over time, Ladhani began to separate herself from others due to a propensity for scoring and a knack for pulling off tricks on the pitch. It was an overhead flick of an opponent that drew the attention of the Canadian National Team, and Maya was brought into international competition shortly after that.

Her performances on her provincial and national teams earned Maya, who drove over an hour to be able to practice with the national team, to earn a scholarship from West Virginia. After realizing that NCAA soccer was not the path she wanted to take, Maya departed her collegiate career to turn pro in Denmark with Nævsted HG, where she currently resides.

To hear more of Maya’s story, tap in below to hear her appearance on The Athlete’s Obseshion.

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