Obsesh CEO Tracy Benson Appears on The Purpose-Driven Entrepreneur Podcast

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Obsesh CoFounder and CEO Tracy Benson breaks down the purpose behind the founding of the Obsesh platform, and talks about some of the struggles of bringing the power back to athletes as a female founder.

When someone writes the Wikipedia article about your company, what will they write? This is one of the many deep questions posed to Obsesh CoFounder and CEO Tracy Benson during her appearance on The Purpose Driven Entrepreneur. Hosted by author Timmy Bauer, the podcast centers around purpose-driven founders and CEOs who want to talk about what they want their impact to be on the world.

While on the podcast, Tracy brought to light her inspirations for founding Obsesh with CoFounder Jonalyn Morris, including her own beginnings working at a cattle auction to make side money as a collegiate athlete.

Tracy also hammered home the fact that Obsesh is paving the way for athletes to have a tool and resources to become their own entrepreneurs, which is something that 99% of athletes never had access to.

“If I don’t do this, it’s not going to happen, and I won’t be able to live with myself knowing that.”
— Obsesh CoFounder and CEO Tracy Benson on her reason for founding Obsesh

In giving advice to other purpose-drive entrepreneurs Tracy emphasized that there will be failures, but it is important to grow from mistakes.

“Falling down is learning. Just get back up and do it differently.”
— Obsesh CoFounder and CEO Tracy Benson

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