Obsesh CoFounder & CDO Jonalyn Morris appears on The Passion to Poison Podcast

Obsesh Company News

Jonalyn Morris brought her story to the Passion to Poison podcast, which includes her Lowell, Massachusetts upbringing, early career experiences, and how she applies those experiences to her current role as CoFounder &Chief Development Officer at Obsesh.

For Jonalyn Morris, CoFounder &Chief Development Officer at Obsesh, sports and entertainment were always going to be in the picture for her. After graduating from Emerson College, she worked in various jobs across different entertainment companies, eventually finding her niche in Public Relations and Media. Even as her roles shifted, she always found herself being the first to volunteer for anything sports related. The dual passion fueled Jonalyn to CoFound Obsesh with CEO Tracy Benson.

On the Passion to Poison podcast, she dove into the lessons she learns from her learning disabled brother, being the mother of two boys, and her experience driving brands forward. Among the challenges she discussed is towing the line between work-life balance and building the company culture of Obsesh while having employees and athletes spaced out around the globe.

To hear Jonalyn’s complete story, and to learn more about the person behind development at Obsesh, listen to the Passion to Poison below.