Obsesh Takes on The Big Apple At YMS 2022, Delivers Keynote On Social Media Influence

Obsesh For Athletes Obsesh CEO and CoFounder Tracy Benson hosted a panel that featured Obsesh Athletes Tiana Caffey and Nina Simone revolving around monetizing social media followings as an athlete. On March 22, fitness pro Tiana Caffey and influencer Nina Simone took the stage with Obsesh CEO and Cofounder Tracy Benson at YMS in Brooklyn, […]

What Does A Men’s Volleyball Player Do? Ask Max Senica

Obsesh for athletes Obsesh athlete max senica gives you behind the scenes access to what a day is like as a pro in the asian men’s volleyball tournament   Origins The game of volleyball was originally called “volleying” and it is derived from the French word “voler,” which means to fly. Volleyball has been around […]

Obsesh athlete max senica set to compete on international stage

obsesh for athletes Australian volleyball player Max senica, who recently competed with australia in volleyball Nations league, set to compete in asian men’s championship It has been a busy year for Obsesh athlete and professional volleyball player Max Senica. After securing a victory in the Volleyball Nations League against rival Iran, his team, the Volleyroos, […]

Lina taylor spikes it on the athlete’s obseshion

Obsesh for athletes Two-time olympic beach volleyball athlete lina taylor provides details about her inspirational rise in the volleyball world How far would you go to pursue your dreams? Obsesh athlete Lina Taylor, who represented Bulgaria in the 2000 and 2004 Summer Olympics by playing beach volleyball with her sister, never gave up on her […]