What Does A Men’s Volleyball Player Do? Ask Max Senica

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Obsesh athlete max senica gives you behind the scenes access to what a day is like as a pro in the asian men’s volleyball tournament



The game of volleyball was originally called “volleying” and it is derived from the French word “voler,” which means to fly. Volleyball has been around since the late 19th century, but it wasn’t until 1906 that the first official rules were released by the International Volleyball Association. Since then, the game has changed and evolved, along with its players.


Meet Max Senica

Max Senica is no stranger to representing the Volleyroos on the highest international stages and tournaments. After recently representing Australia at the Volleyball Nations League, Max was back on the court for the Asia Senior Men’s Volleyball Championship.

Normally access to behind the scenes of an event like this would be impossible, but Max was kind enough to show Obsesh Nation what it’s like to be a player at an elite-level tournament.

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Is volleyball hard for beginners?

Not with Max at your side! Obsesh makes it easy for you to learn right from your phone. Book a personal training experience with Max and he’ll help you level up anytime.