Obsesh Takes on The Big Apple At YMS 2022, Delivers Keynote On Social Media Influence

Obsesh For Athletes

Obsesh CEO and CoFounder Tracy Benson hosted a panel that featured Obsesh Athletes Tiana Caffey and Nina Simone revolving around monetizing social media followings as an athlete.

On March 22, fitness pro Tiana Caffey and influencer Nina Simone took the stage with Obsesh CEO and Cofounder Tracy Benson at YMS in Brooklyn, New York. The trio of powerful women served as the closing keynote to a day that was filled with insight and lessons to influencer marketing.

The panel, which was hosted by Benson, touched on important topics like monetizing a social following in the world of sports, the power that women in sports have with their social media platforms, and how brands can effectively mobilize social media influencers who operate in the sports space.

Caffey, who was a standout soccer player at LSU, brought to the stage her experience of turning her fitness prowess on social media into a business as an influencer. Simone, an elite volleyball player at NC State, provided thoughtful insight from her experiences of building a TikTok profile with 356 thousand followers.

Both Caffey and Simone had completed their NCAA careers before NIL legislation came to life, meaning that they were unable to capitalize on their social media followings during their collegiate careers. However, they offered some advice to brands looking to work with NCAA athletes: Let their creativity shine, and don’t put them in a box. When brands let athlete influencers deliver the product to their audience in a natural way, magic starts to happen.

To book lessons in plyometrics or HIIT with Tiana, or to learn how to build your social following as an athlete with Nina, be sure to check out their profiles on Obsesh.