Storytelling for Colorado State University Athletes | Meet McKenna Hofschild

Ambition knows no gender, and when women dare to dream, they redefine the limits of possibility. 🌟💪

Our team recently directed and produced the new series titled “Behind the Jersey” for The Guard, Colorado State’s Official NIL Athlete Collective. McKenna Hofschild’s journey to becoming the 2022-2023 Mountain West Conference Women’s Basketball Player of the Year is a testament to the power of ambition fueled by a loving family and a childhood filled with basketball dreams. With unwavering support and shared passion starting right at home in Prior Lake, Minnesota, she soared to new heights in the game. 🏀💫. Watch her background story here.

McKenna’s story not only showcases the vital role of a supportive network but also underscores the power of intention and ambition in driving personal growth. It’s the combination of her unwavering determination and a clear vision for her future in basketball that allows her to flourish. With every practice, every game, and every setback, McKenna demonstrated that intention, coupled with ambition, is the driving force behind remarkable progress.

Her journey serves as an inspiration to all, illustrating that when you set your sights on a goal with unyielding determination, and channel your ambition towards it, there’s no limit to the heights you can achieve.

To see more of our work in partnership as the sports tech and marketing arm of The Guard, the Official NIL Athlete Collective of Colorado State University, visit the link here.