Obsesh CoFounder and CEO Tracy Benson Appears on Screw It, Just Do It Podcast

Obsesh Company News

Tracy Benson joins Alex Chisnall to talk about her journey as a female entrepreneur, as well as the future of the creator economy and new ways that athletes are accessing monetization.

Obsesh CoFounder and CEO Tracy Benson got behind the microphone with Alex Chisnall on the Screw It, Just Do It podcast to talk about the purpose behind founding Obsesh, how monetization technology has evolved for athletes, and some of the challenges that she has faced as a female entrepreneur.

Among other topics discussed, she touched on the pay gap that exists between male and female athletes, challenges that female CEOs face in fundraising, and the vision she has for Obsesh to become a full-service opportunity for athletes to create their own coaching business.

The Screw It, Just Do It podcast is the #1 Rated Twice-Weekly podcast that hosts entrepreneurs who exhibit a “Screw It, I’m Just Going To Do It” attitude. Host Alex Chisnall started his career with BBC radio before venturing into the entrepreneur world with Sir Richard Branson at his not-for-profit Virgin StartUp. Chisnall then founded his own podcast agency, Podpreneur, which helps brands and entrepreneurs cut through the noise with the power of podcasting.

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