Learn The Inside Tips Of Being A Parkour Competitor With Sean Clementz

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Learn how Sean Clementz has undergone a journey of acceptance and self-appreciation in the sport of parkour

The nearest parkour-specific gym to Sean Clementz is a two hour drive from his home in Michigan. Like many other things, it has not deterred Sean from pursuing his passion. After discovering the sport from a friend, Sean took the deep dive and fell in love with the sport of parkour.

Ever since then, he has found himself competing in competitions, facing some of the same icons that he sees on televised competitions. What he’s learned about the sport, which celebrates the art of movement in it’s most pure form, is that it accepts people of all kinds.

Whether you want to learn the mental skills it takes to compete against those that you look up to, or are just looking for a good coach to introduce you to the sport, you can book an experience with Sean on Obsesh to learn the ins and outs of parkour.

If you want to learn more about Sean’s story, check out his episode of The Athlete’s Obseshion below.