Is Work-Life Balance really possible?

I’m pretty sure you know the feeling…

This feeling of trying to balance work-Life and everything else.

You’ve come so far.

You feel like you’ve tried every possible tactic and you still can’t answer the question: Is Work-life balance event possible?

You’ve been waiting for this moment. And your story flows like mine:

I’ve been working my whole life to be right here, right now.

‘Just settle in’. It’s the price we pay to get up the ladder or over on a new lattice.

You and I have both dreamed of our ultimate job or role. The dream life. The vacation of a lifetime. The idea that I can get in the perfect shape. The moment I can eat right, sleep right, and hydrate without telling myself to hydrate.. There is an unsettling amount of activity we try to get out of our days. We workout, run the race against ourselves and the screens on Peloton or Barry’s bootcamp, raise kids, have kids, babysit other kids, play with our dogs, grocery shop, do laundry, remember to reorder coffee pods for the Nespresso machine, see friends, and build community both in and around our work and life community. That’s before and after the work day.

Let’s not forget about the work. We want to finish this presentation, develop a new strategy, pursue a new market, revisit our pricing, nail our positioning, return some phone calls, and even get back to what was on last week’s list.

I get it. And I’ll bet you’ve asked yourself this very same question…. How do I have time to plan a party, connect with friends, build a company, run a piece of a company, fundraise, check in with my community, decompress, rejuvenate, rejoice, and get all the work done too?

The list goes on – and as women, we are the queen of lists!

For decades, numerous studies have consistently shown that balancing personal and professional priorities often boils down to an ongoing combination of ‘reflexes’ we manage day to day.

For millions, ‘reflexes’ take on their own trends and can be a wild ride on the rollercoaster.

The balance is hard to achieve and I’ve found myself struggling as well. Don’t tell anyone, but I have to come clean right here, right now with you and admit I’m about to embark on a 4 year long, overdue 9 day journey to the jungle with my mother in Brasil next week!.

I know, I know, the timing isn’t ‘good’ because I’m building a startup, growing a team, building products, recruiting Athletes, fundraising, mentoring employees, onboarding new leaders, setting up financial systems, and every other task and tactic that comes with it all. And I’ve never been happier to bring our mission to help Athlete thrive as solopreneurs on their own terms.

These are our personal and professional struggles to finding the cycles of work-life balance. I’m living proof it’s probably not possible to ‘achieve’ it.


So, What does it take to free yourself from these unhealthy patterns, Self-Guilt Trips, Work-Life Emotional Tug-of-wars, and reach a more sustainable, rewarding balance?

Join me at this year’s RampUp 2022 in San Francisco during the Executive Women’s Lunch where I will be sharing some pro tips about how I look for balance in ‘cycles’ and my top 5 secrets to work-life balance. I’m honored to share these stories and more alongside other amazing leaders including:

If I can be of help to you finding work-life balance, shoot me an email at or msg me to meet at RampUp this week on my mobile at (773)814-5844 .

Obsesh CEO & CoFounder Tracy Benson Set To Speak At RampUp SF 2022 Executive Women’s Leadership 11am PT

Obsesh CEO & CoFounder Tracy Benson