LA Sparks Young Star Jasmine Walker Joins Obesh

Obsesh for athletes

The Alabama Women’s Basketball Alum aims to share her extensive knowledge of the sport and give fans a glimpse into her world as she trains and recovers during the WNBA offseason

Professional basketball player Jasmine Walker has joined Obsesh, the leading sports marketplace for athletes. Walker, who made a name for herself on the University of Alabama Women’s Basketball team was taken 7th overall in the 2021 WNBA draft by the LA Sparks. Having just wrapped her rookie season, Walker is excited to share with fans of the sport her knowledge, skills, techniques and workouts, in addition to the mindset athletes need when it comes to injury recovery, a topic Walker is all too familiar with. 

Before beginning her professional career, Walker played one year for Florida State and then transferred to the University of Alabama, where in her senior season, she averaged 19.1 points and 9.4 rebounds in 27 games.

I actually grew up a gamer, but when my best friend introduced me to the game of basketball, it completely changed my life. Now, I want to take all of my experiences, including overcoming injuries, to help others. I especially want fans to get to know me outside of the competitive athlete they see on the court, and Obsesh was the perfect platform to help me do that.
— Jasmine Walker

Obsesh allows all athletes to monetize their brands and connect with fans. On the platform, fans can book athletes for personalized videos answering questions relating to being an athlete or playing their sport. Fans can also submit videos of themselves playing their sport for feedback and coaching tips from athletes. Walker joins hundreds of pro, NCAA, and niche sport athletes on the marketplace. 

Obsesh is helping young female athletes, like Jasmine, springboard professional careers as not only athletes, but entrepreneurs. No platform today is providing the level of mentorship, coaching, and marketing support that Obsesh is to help athletes be a success on the platform and build their personal brands.
— Tracy Benson, Obsesh Cofounder and CEO

If you want to book an experience with Jasmine Walker to level up your game on court, or need the guidance from a pro athlete on how to recover from an injury, book an experience with her on Obsesh.