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Learn How to Give Fans the Best Pro Feedback Messages as Possible – Hint: It Starts With Just Being YOU!

Pro Feedback Messages

Above all else, just be YOU. The fan has requested and paid for a message from you – not by mistake or some chance of luck. They want to hear from you because of what an incredible athlete and person you are. Don’t be afraid to let your personality shine through and to give the fan a special chance to get to know you on an authentic, more personal level. 

A fan submitting a video to you is a great signal that they trust you, so make sure that you are respectful in your feedback to the fan. They could be a pro who needs light polishing on their form, or a rookie who’s looking to improve on the basics. Either way, it’s paramount to be respectful of their skills and current abilities.

When watching the film that the customers send to you, make sure that you keep the specific question that they’ve asked you in mind. Watch their film through the lens of that question, so that you’re best able to answer and deliver on what they are looking for. 

Once you’ve finished watching the customer’s film, record a 3-5 minute video answering their question, tapping into your personal experience as an athlete and offering them feedback on what to do next. If you want help editing your video to include the customer’s footage, let us know, and our team will be able to assist you!

Get excited! Someone booking a Pro Feedback Message from you means that they trust and want to hear from you. Follow these tips and have fun with it – we have no doubt that your digital coaching messages will have customers coming back for more.