Building Obsesh Customer Trust through Marketplace Reviews

Obsesh For Athletes

When Offering your Coaching services on a marketplace platform, customer reviews can be a make or break

Have you ever been in the process of booking a hotel or buying a car, and right before hitting “purchase” you think to yourself, “Let me check the reviews before I buy this…”? Only to find out that when you look at the reviews, the hotel has a bug problem, or the car is untrustworthy in bad weather. These reviews are essential in your decision to not purchase, but would have reinforced your intention of purchasing if they were positive.

In the current e-commerce world that we live in, positive reviews are becoming more and more essential in the ability to sell products online. According to a survey done by Trustpilot in 2020, 89% of customers make an effort to read reviews before making a purchase. That’s a lot of customers relying on reviews.

So, where does this fit in with Obsesh?

At Obsesh, we want to make sure that you’re getting every possible opportunity to book experiences, and that your conversion rate is high for the people that visit your page. Because of this, Obsesh gives customers the ability to leave a review of the experience that you deliver to them. Once they leave the review, your Athlete Success coach will make sure that it’s live – meaning that everyone who visits your page can see it. Having some glowing reviews on your profile will help interested customers who are on the fence to ultimately decide on booking a coaching experience with you.

How can you earn positive reviews?

There are a few simple ways to earn positive reviews for your page. The first tip is to be friendly and personable. The customer is booking you because they want a personal experience with you. Make sure to greet them by name in a friendly tone, and to continue your friendly tone throughout the course of the video.

Another great way to earn a review is to be as thorough as possible. You’re an expert in your sport- that’s why you’re on Obsesh! Make sure to deliver as much detail as possible in answering the question that the customer has asked you. Each video you deliver should be 3-5 minutes long, which gives you plenty of room to tap into your experiences, and to offer your best advice for the given situation.

Lastly, don’t be afraid to remind the customer that they’re able to leave a review with you. A simple sentence like “If you enjoyed your experience with me, don’t be afraid to leave a review to let others know how my coaching helped you!” could go a long way in getting more customers to your profile.

Online reviews are the keys that start your entrepreneurial engine. Not only are they a way to get more customers to book with you, but they also help you consistently improve the experiences that you’re delivering to customers. Remember, you might only be one positive review away from your next big sales streak!