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The sports platform and marketplace gives professional and NCAA athletes, especially women in sports, a single destination to grow, own, and monetize in the new $100 Billion Creator Economy.

Obsesh, the leading sports marketplace for athletes to connect with fans, continues to line-up top female athlete entrepreneurs looking for a competitive advantage when it comes to monetizing their name, image and likeness in the new $100 billion creator economy.

Some of the top female athletes on the Obsesh platform include 2x Ironman World Champion, Siri Lindley, WBNA star, UCLA Women’s Basketball Alumni and Obsesh Athlete Advisor, Monique Billings, Pro Snowboarder, Erika Vikander, Gravel World Champion, Alison Tetrick, 2x Olympian Pro Sprinter Khamica Bingham, 2x Paralympian in Wheelchair Tennis Dana Mathewson, Pro Cross Country Skier Margie Freed, Pro Golfer Julie Houston, U.S. Olympian – Heptathlon Chantae McMillan, Division I Volleyball Player, Colgate University, Julia Kurowski, and more.

Dana Matthewson, Wheel Chair Tennis Olympian

These powerful athletes are now utilizing Obsesh’s centralized marketplace format to connect with fans on a never-before-accessed level by offering personalized coaching advice, pro feedback, and training essentials directly to the phone of their customer.

Obsesh Cofounder and CEO, Tracy Benson, joined 2x WNBA Champion, Atlanta Dream Co-Owner, Entrepreneur and Investor, Renee Montgomery, at this year’s Web Summit in Lisbon, hailed as the largest technology conference in the world, to speak on the topic of “Women Athletes are the Next Sporting Empire.”

Women need to stand out and invest in their own brand in today’s society, but you can’t always do it alone. Obsesh gives women in sports not only more control, but the ability to monetize, to build a business, and to feel like they have a huge cohort of other women supporting them along the way. The future of equality in sports depends on it.
— Obsesh Cofounder and CEO Tracy Benson

Obsesh serves as a self-serve platform for athletes, providing both pros and NCAA athletes with the opportunity to monetize their talents without having to deal with the burden of merchandising, payments, distribution and managing their own business. Obsesh shows their gratitude and respect to each athlete through premier marketing and growth support, while also sending each athlete home with 75% of each transaction.

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