Obsesh’d John McMahon Joins the Team as Head of Product

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13-year Marketplace Product veteran joins obsesh to help innovate and drive company goals.

Obsesh continues to grow and is absolutely thrilled to welcome John McMahon as our new Head of Product! An industry veteran, athlete, and marketplace expert, John will provide the experience and leadership needed to help Obsesh become the leading the creator marketplace platform for athletes!


CEO Tracy Benson & John McMahon fire up the Q&A Chat

Tracy: I’m lucky to have you right here in the bay, but share how you got here….

John: Originally I’m from New York, but now I live in San Francisco because I wanted to live in one of the most European cities in the United States, and I wanted to ski Lake Tahoe on the weekends. Who doesn’t??

Tracy: Tell us about your degree and fight song?

John: Industrial Engineering with a specialization in Human Computer Interaction from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, IL.

Tracy: Do you know the U of Illinois fight song?

John: Is there a fight song?!? Hail to the Orange — anytime!

Tracy: I’m curious how you went from engineering into product?

John: Over 10 years ago, I got into product after taking an honest look at my career as a software developer and wanting to be more involved in delivering value to users and businesses.

Tracy: How do you stay fresh on new technologies and where the market is going?

Tracy: What do you hope to accomplish at Obsesh?

John: I’m drawn to the mission bringing athletes together with consumers – and using technology to make that possible and help them go beyond the ordinary to own and manage their own careers. I’m excited to create this value proposition in the most simple experience possible.

I’m obsessed with simplifying people’s lives.
— John McMahon

John: I love listening to podcasts, attending meetup talks, and reading newsletters, articles and books.

Tracy: What’s that ONE SINGLE thing you are proud of?

John: Leading the product and design teams for a product that allowed shoppers to donate over $5M to nonprofits through their shopping. (‘Previous role, Gifting Assistant marketplace)

Tracy: Knowing you, there is a completely ridiculous goal in life, do tell?

John: To ski at 250 ski resorts. I’m currently sitting just above 100. A few favorites are Jackson Hole and Tahoe.

Tracy: Who do you admire most?

John: I’m a big fan of Richard Branson, the founder of the Virgin Group, because he’s a serious entrepreneur who thinks outside the box, is willing to take calculated risks, and doesn’t take himself seriously. The fact that he celebrates life, sweats the small details, and is a kind person are other reasons too.

John: I’ve always got music on my mind and so many good songs, but I’ll share my top 5 that will wake you up, and get you outside.

Tracy: Feels like this list could take us back to the mullet era. Would you rather have a mullet or mohawk if it came down to it?

John: Definitely a mohawk.

Tracy: Wow, don’t go there on the mohawk! What would you tell your younger self?

John: Trust yourself. We’re all figuring out life as it comes at us. Your voice carries more weight than you can imagine.

You can find John walking the streets of SF, on social @phreeskier, on ‘gram or twitter – or here at john@obsesh.com.

Welcome aboard John!