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Pro Skateboarding legend, best known for his iconic collaborations with Nike SB and Quiksilver, to help shape the future of how pro skateboarders monetize their fans

Obsesh, the leading marketplace platform for sports, today announced the company has tapped luminary skateboarding pro Reese Forbes as an advisor. In addition to being featured as an athlete on the Obsesh platform, Forbes has a stake in the company. He aims to evangelize Obsesh to every pro skateboarding star looking for an easy-to-use and streamlined solution for monetizing their fans and building their brand through not only personal video experiences, but merchandise, streaming and digital NFTs.

The debut of skateboarding at the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo further solidified the global reach of the sport. For athletes to truly capitalize on that momentum, they need technology that is easy to use and that fits their on-the-go lifestyle. Obsesh hits the mark perfectly for athletes and honors authenticity of their skills, voice and experiences. This is what inspires young athletes. I know this, because this was my entire career, and I wish I had an easy solution that I could drop into, set my prices, create branded merch, and go.
— Reese Forbes

Forbes gained notoriety as one of the top skateboarding pros to come out of the east coast in the mid-1990s, but his influence on skate culture and streetwear was solidified through his collaborations. Forbes co-designed the legendary “Denim Dunk” shoe for Nike SB with skateboard icon and pioneer, Natas Kaupas, and his partnership with Quiksilver garnered the “Reese Forbes” Jean for Quiksilver, which is the still their #1 selling Jean of all time.

“The future of sports looks very different, and it’s athletes like Reese who are driving this change. You’ve probably heard the buzz about the creator economy—celebrities, musicians, and other influential people who build huge fan bases and see plenty of modern platforms to build brands on their own. These opportunities haven’t been available to millions of athletes,” said Tracy Benson, CEO & Cofounder of Obsesh. “Reese has spent a lifetime as a pro skater, designing custom branded merch for other consumer product companies, because he didn’t have the tools or tech to plug in and do it himself. We trust his voice and perspective on how young consumers want access and how athletes need powerful self-service platforms like Obsesh to allow them to boldly experiment and grow into their own entrepreneurs. We are incredibly happy to have his trust, experience and validation!”

Obsesh recently raised $1 million from investors such as Stadia Ventures, Crosscut Ventures, YouTube cofounder Chad Hurley, who is also part-owner of the NBA’s Golden State Warriors, MLS’ Los Angeles Football Club, and Dan Mannix, former CEO CSM Global Sports & Entertainment Agency. 

Obsesh solves the problem that many athletes struggle to make a living, especially at the elite level. Now, professional athletes and NCAA student-athletes with the new Name, Image, Likeness ruling earlier this summer, can sell custom video messages directly to fans. Athletes set their own prices and keep 75%, while Obsesh provides the plug & play technology resources, VIP-level coaching, and training on how to turn fans into customers to become their own small businesses. For the fan, they can ask questions, engage in ‘micro’ coaching leading to improved performance, have personalized pro feedback, and book to get their expertise anytime from their phone.

To book an experience with Reese Forbes, visit https://obsesh.com/athletes/reeseforbes


Obsesh is female-founded and a top 5 global sportstech platform. The sports marketplace platform is backed by top global sports innovators, including Stadia Ventures, Nations Ventures, Harvard Business School Alumni of Greater New York, Chad Hurley YouTube co-founder and part-owner of the NBA’s Golden State Warriors and MLS’ Los Angeles Football Club, Brent Hurley Youtube founding team member, Brian Garret, Founder Crosscut Ventures, Dan Mannix Former CEO CSM Global Sports & Entertainment Agency, and Paul Bricault, Founder Amplify.LA and Board Partner, Greycroft. To get the edge from a pro, visit https://www.obsesh.com/. Ready to enroll as Sports Talent? Visit https://pro.obsesh.com/


Jonalyn Morris