Dive Your Way to Excellence with Dan Worden, Pro Cliff Diver

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Pro Cliff Diver Dan Worden brings his experience from not only the swimming pool, but also the tall cliffs of hawaii to the Obsesh platform

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If you’re looking for a sport that gets your blood pumping and gives you an adrenaline rush every time without fail, cliff diving just might peak your interest. Dan Worden, an Oregon native and University of Hawaii graduate, is one of the best cliff divers to learn from.

Whether it is your first time stepping foot off the cliff or you do backflips in your sleep, Dan is ready to bring his years of experience to help you level up your cliff diving game. With the experience of cliff diving in exotic locations, and the swimming expertise of swimming the channels in his home state of Hawaii, Dan is prepared to answer any question involving water sports that you might have for him.

Flip out over his profile on Obsesh, and then tune in below to hear Dan’s complete story on The Athlete’s Obseshion. From tales of growing up by the pool in Oregon to close encounters with sharks in the water, Dan’s story is one that you won’t want to miss!

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