Learning as You Go, The Life of Connor Tieulie Outdoors Creator

Obsesh For Athletes

Connor Tieulie spends a lot of hours outdoors, and most of them are with a camera in hand and an adventurous spirit at heart

Sophomore year of high school is a time for most students where they’re discovering what they want to do for a career, but Connor Tieulie already knew his life would revolve around cinematography and the outdoors. That’s why he left high school early to pursue that passion, and he hasn’t looked back since.

Ever since that decision, a difficult one to make, Tieulie has made his mark delivering beautiful cinematography of different landscapes, and the adventure athletes that use nature as their playground. A BMX biker himself, Tieulie is naturally drawn to action sports, and films a lot of action in his home state of Colorado.

Book an experience with Connor on Obsesh if you’re looking for tips, tricks, or advice on a broad range of topics- whether it be building a BMX track or filming snowboarders on a mountain. If you’re interested in hearing more about Connor’s story of carving his own path to success, you can check it out on The Athlete’s Obseshion below.