how to reach new heights on your Ollie with Iconic Skater reese forbes

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Pro Skater Reese Forbes stops by the athlete’s Obseshion to talk about how his love for skateboarding developed, as well as his desire to keep creating new things

Reese Forbes has always stood out as someone who’s carved out their own path. Whether it be hitting a ridiculous height on his Ollies, or designing iconic shoes for Nike that stand the test of time, Reese has always been unique.

Raised in Maryland, Reese cut his teeth on boards that he wore down to the bone and looked forward to the days he got to spend with his uncles, who inspired him to pick up a board and ride. Reese rose to prominence for his feature in Eastern Exposure 3, and hasn’t looked back since.

On the board, he’s known for Ollies that reach heights never before imagined, that were earned through thousands of hours of practice. Off the board, he’s known as the designer of the SB Dunk Low Wheats and Denims, a result of his relentless pursuit to create something new.

At Obsesh, he’s known as the resident skateboarding expert. Book an experience with Reese no matter your experience on the board, and he’ll bring your skating to the next level with the tips, tricks, and insight of a legend.

Check out his appearance on The Athlete’s Obseshion to hear more of Reese’s iconic story.