How to Develop a High Performance Mindset with a Masterclass from Dr. Joanna Starek

Obsesh for athletes

High performance coaching is crucial for athletes to be at their best. Learn how the process works, and how it can benefit you.

Credit: RHR International, Dr. Joanna Starek

Credit: RHR International, Dr. Joanna Starek

Dr. Joanna Starek grew up watching the best, so it’s no surprise that she grew up to coach the best of the best. Growing up in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, she was exposed early on to the greatness of North Carolina Tar Heels coach Dean Smith and some of his elite basketball players like Michael Jordan. On top of that, Joanna trained in the pool with Olympians in Chapel Hill like Janis Hape.

Dr. Starek went on to become a performance coach for elite-level athletes and teams, helping them improve their mental tools on and off the field. She now runs all top executive advisory services at RHR International and works with C-Suite executives at top companies, helping them to reach their potential as they lead thousands of employees in an unprecedented hypergrowth era.

After working with both elite athletes and elite business people, Dr. Starek saw that there are similarities between the two in the way that each of them goes about their performance. On The Athlete’s Obseshion, she goes into those similarities, and delivers tips to improve your performance no matter your vocation. Tap in to learn from Dr. Starek, and share with others so they could level up their performance with you!