Learn the basics of women’s boxing, including how to train for it from Keisher “Fire” McLeod

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World champion Boxer talks about her unique origin story, and how Terminator 3 brought her to her life’s passion

Women’s Pro Keisher McLeod Brings Fire to The Athlete’s Obseshion in her podcast session.

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Usually it is not the acting world that drives people to the sport of boxing, but that’s exactly what happened to Keisher “Fire” McLeod. Brought up in a theater with her mother and twin sister, Fire quickly got bit by the acting bug. Over the years, Keisher found success landing roles, and auditioned for a role in Terminator 3.

The casting director loved Fire’s personality, but told her she was too waify for the role and needed to bulk up her arms. So, fire hit the gym to train like a boxer. A week into her time at the gym, she was spotted by a trainer. The trainer told Fire she could be a champion within a year if he trained her. After some convincing, Keisher McLeod went with the trainer to Gleason’s Gym, and was instantly hooked on boxing.


Fire would win several championships, including her first after eight months of training. Throughout all of the years, perhaps her most impressive feat is finding a way to use boxing to give back during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Seeing the stress built up in first responders and nurses, Fire delivered free boxing clinics so they could punch the pain and frustration away.

Whether it be giving back to the community, or giving punishment in the ring, Fire is setting an example for all women boxers, as well as black women boxers. Fire is working hard to bring more recognition to women in the sport, which is one that’s due to put more spotlight on the black women who partake in it.

You can hear Keisher ‘Fire’ McLeod’s complete story by listening to The Athlete’s Obseshion. If you’re interested in turning the heat up on your workouts, or need some knockout fitness advice or confidence to land a spot in the women’s boxing ring, check out Fire’s profile on Obsesh.