Tracy Benson, CEO & Cofounder, speaks up on NCAA Name, image and likeness for college athletes

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The New Era of College Sports Is Here. Is Anyone Ready?

College athletes are now allowed to get compensation for their name, image and likeness, and the landscape may be changed forever.


On Tuesday, September 14th, Obsesh CEO and Co-Founder Tracy Benson spoke on an esteemed panel at the Sport Integrity Global Alliance (SIGA) Sport Integrity Week headlining the issues and opportunities after the NCAA adopted an interim name, image and likeness policy.

Tracy, a former NCAA Division 1 volleyball player, knows this law well and has been waiting for this day to come. As of July 2021, a new era of college sports has arrived.

The NCAA has passed an update to its policies on name, image, and likenesses for student-athletes after 120+ years in existence. There’s never been a better time for athletes to become entrepreneurs, and we’re going to help them do that every step of the way!
— Tracy Benson, Obsesh CEO and Co-Founder

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Later during the panel, Tracy spoke on the massive impact that social media has on building an athlete’s personal brand. Once limited in their social media use, athletes now use their social media accounts as a new way to market themselves, and it is a new opportunity for NCAA athletes to cash in on their personal brand.

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To cap the panel off, the panelists shared stories of athletes taking advantage of their new ability to monetize their talents. Evident in the conversation was the fact that Obsesh is built for NCAA athletes to make it possible to attend class, live their dream of playing a collegiate sport, and make money on their own time.

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We built Obsesh with a specific mission: to help NCAA athletes build commercial value off their athletic skills – and thrive on their own terms.
— Tracy Benson, Obsesh CEO and Co-Founder

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