Abu Daramy-Swaray Tackles The Athlete’s Obseshion

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Abu Daramy-Swaray has been named to an all-decade team, was recognized as a two-time nCAA all-american, and plays professional football in germany.


Abu Daramy-Swaray has worked hard all of his life to achieve his dream of playing professional football. Now that he’s reached his dream and is playing professionally in Germany, Swaray continues to attribute his success to the same person he has his whole entire life: his mother.

Abu’s story was one that was written by determination and effort. After losing his father to the Sierra Leone Civil War, Abu’s mother moved their family to the United States. It was in the United States that Abu found football, and he never let it go. After working hard to switch from offense to defense, and impressing at a combine, Abu started to receive attention from colleges. That led him to Colgate, where he shined as a two-time NCAA All-American, and earned him a spot on the Colgate All-Decade team.

Abu brings his full-effort, never give up personality to his episode of The Athlete’s Obseshion.

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