Caroline Banzali drops valuable Name, Image, and Likeness knowledge on the athlete’s obseshion

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Baker Tilly’s Sports Entertainment executive, Caroline Banzali, Dishes out the impact that NIL ruling will have on nCAA Student Athletes and Schools

In July, history was made when the NCAA ruled that their student athletes were able to be compensated for their Name, Image, and Likeness. With that ruling, a world of opportunity opened up for NCAA athletes. Opening the door to monetize your own image, on your own terms, comes a great responsibility however, as Caroline Banzali details.

Photo Credit: Baker Tilly

Photo Credit: Baker Tilly

Caroline dives into financial literacy, how she thinks NCAA athletes should approach NIL, and her awesome Junior Olympics-bound daughter. If Caroline’s story or her services interest you, check her profile out on Linkedin or reach out to her team at Baker Tilly.

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