The Importance Of Reviews on your Obsesh Profile

Obsesh For Athletes

While reviews on your profile might seem like a small detail, they can make a difference when people are considering booking an experience with you


Have you booked a vacation, picked a restaurant, or even purchased a car recently without looking at the reviews of the product online? You most likely said no, in which case you’re not alone. A study done by Qualtrics revealed that 93% of consumers utilize online reviews before purchasing a product. 

This is a number that should excite you! On Obsesh, customers have the opportunity to leave a review when they book an experience with one of our athletes. This is a big deal, as you can build customer trust through these reviews and even convince some customers who are on the fence to book an experience with you.

How to ask for a review

Now that you understand the importance of receiving reviews, you’ll want to ask your customer to leave one the next time someone books an experience with you. It is important to be clear in your ask, but not overbearing while doing so. Planting a call to action like “If you like the experience I give you, please leave me a review!” is an effective and simple way to do so. Following that up with “Remember, if you liked my tips and tricks, leave a review so others can hear about how I helped you!” is a great way to hammer home your point.


Incentivizing your customers

If you don’t think that asking your customers to leave a review will be enough to convince them to do so, you can give them incentive to do so using one of Obsesh’s unique features. Offering a discount code to those who review your experience not only encourages your customer to leave that all-important review on your profile, but also inspires them to book another experience with you. It could easily be phrased as “Remember to leave a review if you enjoyed this experience, and if you do, I’ll give you a special discount code to book another experience with me for 35% off!”

Important Tip: Encourage your customers to leave a written review in addition to just the star rating. The written portion of their review is what gets displayed on your profile, not the stars. If you want new customers to see reviews of you, it’s important to get that written portion!

Good luck booking those experiences! We can’t wait to see great reviews on your profile!