Colgate Basketball Star Tucker Richardson drains a 3 on the athlete’s obseshion

Obsesh for athletes

Many people dream of playing NCAA basketball, but few work hard enough to get there. tucker richardson put in that work, and he got there.


Tucker Richardson is a basketball player at Colgate University, and a scout at Obsesh. Make no mistake about it, his Obseshion lies in the game he’s played all his life: basketball. This Obseshion is the reason why Tucker watches hours upon hours of basketball a week, drove countless of miles to tournaments during to high school to play better competition, and why he co-hosts a podcast about basketball analytics.

It’s also why Tucker has played in the NCAA Tournament twice, earned Patriot League Rookie of the Year in his first season, and helped establish a basketball culture in Hamilton, New York. In this edition of The Athlete’s Obseshion, listen to Tucker go into detail about his Obseshion, and how he plans on it being a lifelong one.

To book an experience with Tucker and learn how to drill threes, balances school and athletics, ball handling skills, or train to become an NCAA athlete, book him from his marketplace on Obsesh.