6 Tips to Turn Fans Into Customers

Obsesh For Athletes

You have plenty of fans that follow you and want to learn more. But how do you get them to take the next step?

You have tons of fans, and they are always interacting with you on social media, outside the stadium, or at camps. You’ve worked hard to establish your brand, now you’re looking to turn it into a business. It may sound overwhelming, but using these tips for Obsesh, it’s possible. 

Engage with your fans in comments. 

As outlined in this blog post, it’s important to engage with your fans in the comments section in social media. When you engage with your fans on social media it not only makes them feel important because you interacted with them, but it also incentivizes them to book an experience with you.


Turn a DM request into an actionable request

When a fan DMs you looking for advice on how to level up their game, or tips to get in action-ready shape, that means that they’re trusting your skills and experience. This is a great opportunity to offer your services on Obsesh, and turn that fan into a customer. An additional tip is to offer fans that DM you a special promo code for your Obsesh profile, giving them extra incentive to learn from you.


Use your Obsesh booking link as a way for in-person events to keep you top of mind

Word of mouth advertising is the best form of advertisement. What better way to teach others about your Obsesh profile than to tell them about it? It has never been easier to tell others about your profile, now that each URL is customized to each athlete. You’re now easy to find, and easy to book.

Let your best followers know you appreciate them

Remember that discount code from two tips ago? Giving your promo code to loyal followers and fans will offer them an extra reason to book an experience from you. Setting your promo code up is easy as coming up with going to your profile and creating a custom code that makes sense for you. Need more proof of how easy it is? Check it out.


Use your booking link as a reason to go back to previous people who have tapped you for learning more skills

Repeat customers are extremely important because they know what you provide in an experience, and have to power to talk about your skills to other people. An easy way to earn repeat customers is to send them your personal profile link to keep handy. Since your link is customized to your name, it will be easy for customers to plug your name into a browser and look for you.

Got an event or camp coming up?

This is an awesome opportunity for you share that you’re on Obsesh, and available to book even after your event or camp has ended. By showing your custom-tailored Obsesh card, that comes handy with a URL that links directly to your Obsesh profile. Just flash your card to those in attendance, and they’ll have easy access to book experiences with you on Obsesh. 

Here’s how Kotaro booked 10 experiences using some of the tips from above. 

Obsesh is using emails, news releases, podcasts, paid search marketing, and social media to market it’s athletes on the platform. With the tips above, you can use tools that you have to market yourself as well!