Capitalizing on your social media engagement

Obsesh for athletes

While crafting posts for social media is an effective way to market yourself, engagement is the way to book experiences

You’ve made your post about being on Obsesh, and people have been commenting on your new opportunity with support and curiosity. Despite all of the positive feedback from friends, family, and fans, you haven’t booked as many experiences as you’d like. You’re now looking for ways to capitalize on that engagement, and Obsesh has some advice on how to do that. Like social media influencer marketplace Izea says, think about social media engagement like a party. When someone engages with you at a party, you wouldn’t ignore them. So treat your followers like you’re at a party with them, and you’re both celebrating Obsesh!

Responding to DMs

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A lot of athletes receive DMs on their social media accounts from fans asking what they did to reach the professional level, as well as tips on how to improve their own game. In addition to those requests, a lot of Obsesh athletes receive support about just being on the Obsesh platform. This is a great opportunity to not only engage with your fans, but remind them that they can book advice from you on Obsesh. You can add incentive for the fan to purchase by providing them your personal URL code, as well as creating a custom promo code for them and other fans who DM you. Kotaro Umeda used this tactic, and it led to him booking 10 experiences in the month of July.

Being Active in the Comments


Many people will comment on the fact that you’re working with Obsesh. Some may comment on your post because they know you and are supporting you, and others may have found your post because you used a popular hashtag that drew their attention. Either way, you need to be prepared to engage in the comments of your post. It is important to respond to Instagram comments, even if you’re just saying thank you, because it will position you higher on the Instagram algorithm. Utilizing emojis adds a light-hearted flavor to your responses, and reminding people to check out your Obsesh profile by directly responding to their comment inspires them to act because they feel connected to you through the personal response you gave them.

Utilizing Instagram Poll and Question Box Feature

Have you ever wanted to read the minds of you fans, and find out exactly what kind of content they crave? Instagram Polls gives you the ability to! By creating polls you can cater your content to what your fans want to interact with, in the process driving you up in the algorithm. Utilizing the poll feature and question box feature also allows you to see who responded, making it easier for you to reach out to people to offer your services. You’re also allowed to share any question you’re asked, along with your response to the question. So if you ever get asked a question like “What are your secrets to training?” you can knock it out of the park by responding with “To learn all about my tips and secrets to training, book an experience with me on Obsesh!”