NCAA Athletes get in the game with Obsesh


Obsesh is excited to announce it has Exclusively partnered with INFCLR to empower Athletes Monetization of their Name, Image, and Likeness to sit at The center of the monetization stack.

The difference? Obsesh enables them to use their skills to help consumers level up anytime.

Every week since the beginning of July is a new era in the making. This marks the moment where every student athlete under the United States NCAA rules now has the power to control their monetization and image on their own terms.


A Note from Tracy Benson, Obsesh CEO & CoFounder

Athletes have worked so hard to get where they are as masters of their sport – and this is their time to own their image and take charge of their own commercial value. As a previous D1 NCAA athlete, I know this is a game changer. Our mission is to give every athlete equitable access to turn their obsessions into a business on their own terms.
— Tracy Benson, CEO



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