All-New Pro Feedback product now live!

Obsesh for athletes

Obsesh athletes now can offer Consumers a new Pro Feedback product

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A new way for athletes to offer their services to fans and other athletes has hit the Obsesh marketplace. An athlete is now able to differentiate their Personal Video Messages from their Pro Feedback. This new addition to the marketplace allows the athlete to be dynamic in their pricing, while providing the same stellar service. Gone are the days when a prospective athlete had to post their video into the internet void in hopes that someone credible would show up to deliver them advice. Now, an aspiring athlete or fan who wants to learn a trick is able to send their footage directly to a credible athlete, and can rest easy knowing that they’ll have feedback within one week.

With a simple click and upload of a video file, an aspiring or training athlete is now able to have their footage reviewed by an Obsesh athlete in order to give the consumer specific feedback based on their own skills reviewed..

How it Works for Athletes

Each booking will prompt the Consumer while transacting to either upload or share a video link of their skills.

When you receive your Pro Feedback booking, the process is as easy as reviewing the clip that the aspiring athlete wants you to see, and then offering your advice. Feel free to mark it up, add your voice over, and get as specific as needed.

If you need any help with editing the video, you can easily get in touch with an Obsesh editor to make the process easy.

Check out How Dan Worden, Pro Swim Coach, Tackled Pro Feedback below!

How You Can Activate Pro Feedback On Your Profile Page

Talk to your Athlete Success Coach, who will be happy to make this feature go live on your profile, and typically you would add a higher price to this product.