It’s Go Time! Obsesh Original Series Debut on Stadium 24/7 Sports Multi-platform TV Network


Obsesh TV Original Series ‘Adventure Amplified’ expands airing on 24×7 Sports network, Stadium, weekly on Wednesdays in a one-hour block starting at 7:00 pm ET, followed by a one-hour block of Obsesh TV Original Series ‘Parkour Adventures of Jesse La Flair’ at 8:00 pm ET.



Tune-in tonight to catch Obsesh athletes Jesse La Flair, pro surfer and luminary GoPro videographer Anthony Walsh, top moto adventure travel creator Alex Chacon, cliff jumper Travis Sims and more as our two original series, Parkour Adventures of Jesse La Flair and the first series Adventure Amplified both expand its reach by 70 million through Stadium’s multi-platform television network in digital, streaming, and over-the-air.

Parkour Adventures of Jesse La Flair follows pro athlete, stuntman and filmmaker Jesse La Flair (Ultimate Tag) as he travels to Santorini, Greece to compete in the biggest parkour competition in the world, then sets off on a global tour to uncover the best athletes and communities behind the sport.

Obsesh’s first original series, Adventure Amplified, follows trailblazing renegades and the sports obsessed on a journey to find inspiration as they travel the planet. The series includes epic stories, events and drone short films from top videography talent and athletes, including pro parkour athlete and host Jesse la Flair, talented filmmaker Nick Coulter, drone short videographer Danny McGee, drone videographer Jake Berthelot, top solo traveler Jordan Taylor, conservation storyteller Sam Potter, and adventure multi-sport athlete Andrew Muse and influencer Ashley LaMarre.

We hear the common message from our younger market clearly. They want relevant, authentic stories from the voices they trust tailored to them. So, we started packaging the important trends, topics, and the right voices from our roster of Obsesh Athletes into original series to connect consumers with their passion points.

It’s simple. Now, when you watch these series as a viewer, you’ll be able to open another tab in your browser, tap into Obsesh sports marketplace, and book a personalized message or livestream event giving viewers an end-to-end content experience. It’s an honor to be working with the awesome team at Stadium to bring this type of athlete-to-fan content experience across all of the relevant platforms where sports fans consume it today, said Tracy Benson, CEO and Cofounder of Obsesh.

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