The women’s revolution in sports. The future is now.


A look at the world of female athletes and how they are driving change, one sport at a time.



In 2021, something new seems to be stirring in the world of sports even during a global pandemic.  Sports is a male-dominated realm, but there are now increasing numbers of female athletes and female leaders rising to the top. The gender gap is closing with the advent of more women athletes becoming global influencers and competitions commanding larger female audiences. This is unique at a time in history when both gender and diversity are coming to the forefront. While new strides have been made to close the gender gap, we still have a long way to go to close the commercial and cultural gaps.

Hosted by Tracy Benson, CEO & Cofounder of Obsesh. This panel features top Olympians and pro female athletes in sports who are paving the way for the next generation through their passion for their sport and relentless commitment to using their voice to change the game.  

Panelist include top female athletes:

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