The DLC Drop podcast host John Davidson with guest Tracy Benson, Obsesh CEO & Cofounder


The DLC Drop Podcast host John Davidson lays it on the line to uncover why niche is the new norm and how Obsesh will change the game for top athletes across the globe.


Niche is not small, It’s specialized. And it’s the New Norm.

New release episode of The DLC Drop Podcast with Tracy Benson, Co-Founder and CEO of Obsesh, a platform that enables fans to book one-on-one personalized content experiences with their favorite athletes, and for athletes, especially in niche sports, to help them make a living doing what they love on their own terms – and do it better than anyone else in the world.

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Host John Davidson, badass action sports and esports guru uncovers what it means to disrupt using technology, why niche is the new norm, and lessons learned about the importance of a building trust, connecting to culture, trust, and using technology to humanize sports in an all-digital era.

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Tracy and I have very similar paths, having both received some money (and lots of free products (that don’t pay the bills)) pursuing our obsession. However, Tracy’s path led her to back to her roots pulling her expertise in consumer markets, technology, content and commerce together in order to develop a solution for all athletes globally. We both understand why change is necessary and why niche athletes matter to the world.

John Davidson, Founder of The DLC Drop Podcast

Obsesh is officially drop’d on March 17, 2021