Create the perfect Obsesh Bio


Your Obsesh marketplace bio plays a big part in whether visitors can find you and relate to you or not.

And with just seconds to make a great first impression, your short bio is just one of two ways to keep it tight.



Ready to learn what it takes to create a killer bio for your personal page? We’re sharing our top 6 tips below:

Tip #1: Use Your Page Bio to Attract Your Ideal Audience.

A good bio explains what you do and compliments your video intro in a few short sentences or bullet points.

With a tight bio, you can help target your ideal audience so any new visitors will understand what you and your skills and expertise are all about. And if they are intrigued by what they see, they’re more likely to listen to your videos and click through your media and hit the “REQUEST” button to book you.

In addition to your skills, credibility, and other current data, focus your marketplace bio copy on how you help or inspire your community — and why you.

Think of it as a short elevator ride pitch. You want to speak directly to your target audience, make your brand stand out, and add a bit of your personality.

Example idea to inspire new visitors and highlights how you can help them all in one shot: “Learning alone sucks. I can make it easier. Let’s do it together!”


Tip #2: Use Keywords to Share Your Top Targeted Opportunities

Take Erika who uses the keywords to reveal more about her brand, talent, and personality:

“Pro snowboarder, slopes skiing, riding techniques, and training. I’ve traveled the world and can share my favorite locations with you, where to go, and how to ride. ”


Tip #3: Use your Title to your benefit

Your title is the first takeway that visitors see on your discovery thumbnail image. Put emphasis on your accomplishments. Don’t be shy or humble right here.

Spotlight your credibility and brand persona in the shortest way possible. This isn’t a place for a long bio, this is often how you describe yourself when talking to other athletes or sports fans. It’s a good idea to use the shortest way possible to describe yourself on an ESPN or podium interview as if it was on-screen while you are talking. It’s not a Grammy moment for a 100 word read.

Aim to keep your character count less than 40 so that it stays looking strong on your discovery images. Check out this example from Dom Lewis. Let your intro video lay it out like Dom does.


Tip #4: Add a Call-To-Action in your Bio

Your title is the first takeway that visitors see on your discovery thumbnail image. Put emphasis on your accomplishments. It’s a good idea to use the last line of copy to tell users what’s in it for them if they REQUEST and book from your page. This is where a strong CTA becomes valuable real estate.

For example, if you’re the master of trigger point therapies as an experienced Olympian and want to let visitors know this, make sure to use it as a call-to-action.

We recommend a short and simple CTA that encourages users to get what they may not know you can provide. And don’t be afraid to use emojis. They’ll make your personality stand out and can be used to highlight the unexpected opportunities that even your followers may not know about you!


Tip #5: Add Your Social Handles to Your Bio through your Team ‘Coach’

If you want your Instagram profile to be a one-stop-shop for all visitors to also find you in social media and grow your brand, you’ll want to make it easy for them to find your channel. We’ve got Tiktok, Youtube, Snap, Twitch, Twitter, and more. A visitor who knows you on twitch or youtube, may not know you on instagram or snap.

If you haven’t already done so, we would suggest you consider switching your account type on Instagram to Creator from Personal. You can find this option in your profile > settings > account. A creator account type provides more options in their platform.


Tip #6: Choose the Perfect Profile Picture  

A picture is worth a thousand words, and your profile thumbnail could be worth ten thousand or more as it’s often one of the first things we all notice.

If you’re an athlete, coach, top personality on Obsesh, using the right profile picture can help with long-term brand recognition. Our team will gladly help you select, shoot, and edit the right profile pic if you don’t have one already. The view is going to be in 4:5 ratio on all mobile and laptop devices – and starting with a decent resolution helps! If you have trouble on your phone accessing high resolution files, check your settings for photos and make sure the device IS NOT optimizing for storage. That is usually where the issue starts. See examples below for what good looks like.


Have more questions? Let us know and we are here to make it simple.