Obsesh adds new Athletes to its platform roster

Several top athletes and Olympians join the platform to bring sports fans a game-changing personalized experience including Chantae McMillan, Dannielle Diamant, Edin Brankovic, and Julie Houston

We are excited to bring four new top athletes to the Obsesh sports platform and marketplace including Chantae McMillan, Dannielle Diamant, Edin Brankovic, and Julie Houston.

Far left: About Chantae McMillan

Chantae is a former 2012 Olympian who competed in the heptathlon and now focused on making the 2021 Olympic team solely in javelin. She’s committed, focused, and going all in on 2021. From her hometown in Rolla, Missouri, she is supported by her family including her husband Devon, their first child Otto, and four-legged javelin chasers known as Moose and Benny (their 2 dogs). Follow her on instagram and get ready to book an experience with her next month. She’ll train you, provide her workouts, and be sure to ask her about Souls on Fire!


About Dannielle Diamant

Dannielle comes out of Chicago’s Northwestern University Wildcats (#gocats) where she played basketball and then went on to the Israeli League Championship (2015, 2019), Israeli League Finals appearances (2016, 2017), Israeli Cup Championship (2017, 2019), and now resides in one of our favorite cities…. wait, wait, Las Vegas. We swear she doesn’t live in a casino. Married and loving the #dogmom life. In her spare time, she’s usually hiking the desert and helping others learn what she knows about hoops and more. Find and follow her on instagram . She’s no stranger to coaching and ready to empower Obsesh fans to do more.


About Edin Brankovic

Edin is fast. Wicked fast. He’s an accomplished short track speed skater for THE ONE club and holds the current National Records for:

  • 500 m: 0:43.652

  • 1000 m: 1:27.473

  • 1500 m: 2:15.304

  • 3000 m: 5:06.085

Most of us can’t even post to instagram that fast! Edin started skating in 2001 in poor sport and training circumstances. Now, after 14 years of hard work and dedicated effort it can be said that Edin is reaching the top of his field and a solid ambassador who is reflecting Olympic Spirit of Sarajevo across the world with next generations. His speed and accomplishments set the standards around the world and especially his native country – Bosnia and Herzegovina on the Balkan Peninsula in southeastern Europe . In addition to his focus on short track, Edin is mastering the art of motivational speaking and mindset training. It’s easy to find and follow him on instagram or request to book a personalized experience with him on Obsesh marketplace soon.


Far Right: About Julie Houston

Julie is a rising professional golfer on the LPGA Tour and UTSA Golf Alum ’19. She resides in Allen, TX but can mostly be found on the greens and fairway – while competing in the Symetra Tour. She turned pro in 2019, after completing her collegiate tour at University of Texas San Antonio as is finding success in a competitive pro landscape . While at UTSA Julie had 3 collegiate wins, including winning the Conference USA Championship in 2018 and 12 Top-10 finishes. We’re stoked to have Julie pave the way for golfers and golf fans to help us all level up! Find and follow her on instagram here or join the waitlist to book an experience with her on the Obsesh marketplace


It’s an honor to welcome you aboard.