Obsesh backed by leading Sports fund, Stadia Ventures.

Stadia Ventures is the global Sports Innovation Hub for entrepreneurs, industry partners and investors.

They create an ecosystem for sports and esports innovation growth by leveraging their team’s core strengths: education, investment, network, and industry expertise. Obsesh has been immersed in their business development accelerator, which is an intensive business boot camp, while being surrounded with some of the best sports business talent in the world. The Stadia Ventures team strength is the network of senior executives, entrepreneurs and investors they bring to bear for every founder, including Obsesh.

As a member of the Stadia Ventures family, we belong to the bigger family. Whether we are looking for additional resources (human and capital), business development inroads, or strategic board advice, Stadia Ventures and our network will be there for us.

We are honored and excited to keep the momentum going. Thanks Stadia, we are excited to help define the future of sports with. you.

For more information or investor relations, visit Obsesh or Stadia Ventures portfolio.