Obsesh is on display at Demo Day with Stadia Ventures

Stadia Ventures is the premier global Sports Innovation Hub for entrepreneurs, industry partners and investors. And they are Obsesh’d too!

Stadia Ventures is an ecosystem for sports and esports innovation growth and Obsesh is one of its top four companies and portfolio investments this year among our friends including Gameface AI, Gamerji eSports, and Polpo AI.

In four months, we’ve been rebuilt from ground up with the Stadia team, industry expertise, and endless access to the most talented individuals, brands, and properties across the entire sports ecosystem — and now on Dec 4th, we share our success through an invite-only investor showcase event culminating in our platform demo day. We want to thank our mentors including Brian Cross, Jerry Dow, David Schwab, Nitish Bassandra, and Daniel Wacker. Without their religion of sports, and the dedication that no less than 100+ advisors also provided, we’d not be here and accelerated today.

Thank you to the entire Stadia team especially Tim Hayden, Mike Bynum, Brandon Janosky, Joe Pimmel, and Bill Powell. Your actions lived up to your promises and we are proud to be in your portfolio – and even bigger family!

For an invite to Stadia Ventures or to seek investment opportunities in Obsesh, contact tracy@obsesh.com or brandon@stadieventures.com. He loves getting all our requests!

Tracy & Jonalyn

Obsesh Cofounders

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