Obsesh’s Adventure Amplified Series Set to Launch on ‘TBD’ December 1st at 10pm/9c

November 30, 2020 – Los Angeles, CA — Obsesh today announced that its flagship premium TV series, Adventure Amplified, is set to debut on December 1, 2020 at 10pm/9c on Sinclair Broadcast Group’s ‘TBD’ Network to 78 million over-the-air homes.

TBD is the newest distribution partner for Adventure Amplified which follows top pro athletes, trailblazing renegades, and the outdoor adventure-obsessed on a journey to find inspiration as they travel the planet on their own terms. The series features luminary parkour & freerunning pro athlete Jesse La Flair, top moto travel host Alex Chacon, adventure travel filmmaker Sam Potter, pro surfer Anthony Walsh, cliff jumper and filmmaker Nick Coulter, award-winning FPV drone videographer Danny McGee, and multi-sport athlete Andrew Muse. Throughout the season, fans will also be introduced to top travel influencer Dimag Ozgum, aka VacationWolf, top solo female traveler Jordan Taylor, drone videographer Jake Berthelot, and some of the biggest names in freestyle cliff jumping. 

“We created Adventure Amplified to give fans an opportunity to see their favorite athletes and adventurers in a whole new way,” said Jonalyn Morris, Obsesh Cofounder and Chief Development Officer. “At the same time, the series gives these talented athletes and storytellers a new platform to share their stories, build their personal brands, and reach new fans.”

In addition to premium series, Obsesh is set to launch in early 2021, a new sports platform that connects fans with top athletes and personalities to level up their obsessions. Fans can discover, book, and gain personal access to their favorite idols, like Jesse La Flair, through personalized video messages, online coaching sessions, and virtual classes. 

For more information on Obsesh, visit https://www.obsesh.com/.

About Obsesh

The world of sports exists where fans and athletes connect. Obsesh is a premier sports platform that makes it easy for athletes and fans to level up their obsessions. Through our marketplace, we help fans get the edge, from the pros, through content customized to them. Women-powered and backed by top global sports innovators, Stadia Ventures, and Austin-based Newchip Accelerator. For more information on Obsesh, visit https://www.obsesh.com/