Obsesh Continues to Build Its Athlete Roster for New Sports Marketplace Connecting Top Athletes and Personalities to Fans

Los Angeles. CA — November 17, 2020 — Obsesh today announced the addition of several new top athletes for its premier sports marketplace that connects fans with top athletes and personalities to level up their obsessions. Fans can discover, book, and gain personal access to their favorite idols through personalized video messages, online coaching sessions, and virtual classes. 

With today’s announcement, new athletes featured at launch will include female pro freeride snowboarder and world champion Erika Vikander, pro soccer player Andrew Lubahn, pro Rugby player Skyler Adams, pro rugby player and Olympian John Porch, Izzy Evans, Olympic competitor, canoeing, National Champion, Olympic speed skater, and professional speaker, Edin Brankovic, Tyrone Marshall, retired professional basketball player and mindset coach, Deividas Danyla, IMC Muay Thai world champion, and Chiara Amor, Olympic competitor equestrian.

“2020 has athletes facing unprecedented challenges financially with global tours, seasons, and leagues cancelled or postponed,” said Jonalyn Morris, co-founder of Obsesh. “With Obsesh, every athlete now has the choice and control to turn their followers into customers, and we are absolutely thrilled to be working with so many talented athletes to give them access and opportunity to lean into their skills.” 

Obsesh is currently invite-only for top athletes and sports influencers. The company already works with pro surfer Anthony Walsh, pro athlete and multi-sport athlete Andrew Muse, top pro parkour athlete and Fox’s Ultimate Tag runner Jesse La Flair, Olympian Pauls Pujats, Olympic Competitor, Track & Field, Madeline Price, and more. To enroll as talent, sign up at https://www.obsesh.com/. 

About Obsesh

The world of sports exists where fans and athletes connect. Obsesh is a premier sports platform that makes it easy for athletes and fans to level up their obsessions.Through our marketplace, we help fans get the edge, from the pros, through content customized to them. Women-powered and backed by top global sports innovators, Stadia Ventures, and Austin-based Newchip Accelerator. For more information on Obsesh, visithttps://www.obsesh.com/